Yale Model United Nations is committed to providing educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds and hopes to reduce any financial obstacles that may prevent delegates and/or delegations from attending YMUN. YMUN XLVI will offer three options of financial support for delegates: Individual Delegate and Delegation Financial Aid, the Breaking Boundaries Award, and four different types of Regional Scholarships. With these changes, we offer our most expansive financial aid program yet. Financial aid applications should be submitted after registering for YMUN, and applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

Breaking Boundaries Award

Yale Model UN’s Breaking Boundaries Award is a program that seeks to make available our incredibly enriching and global Model UN experience to students from American high schools that may otherwise not have the financial resources to attend our conference. Our goal this year is to expand this program and to provide the opportunity for more students to attend YMUN. The YMUN Breaking Boundaries Award is available to delegations from the United States that are hoping to attend YMUN for the first time.

The award gives a grant to the delegation, which will be used to pay for all conference fees and subsidize a large part of travel and lodging costs. In addition, recipients of the Breaking Boundaries Award will receive additional pre-conference training and preparation from YMUN.

The application for the Breaking Boundaries Award can be found on our registration portal.

Regional Scholarships

YMUN acknowledges that many excellent international schools are unable to attend the conference because of unfeasible travel and accommodation costs. This is particularly true if schools from the region do not have previous relationships with YMUN. To help make our educational experience a possibility for these schools, we are proud to offer various Regional Scholarships. Rooted in our educational mission, the Regional Scholarship Program improves the quality and accessibility of the conference, expands delegates’ understanding of different perspectives, and furthers our aim of cultivating global citizenship.

This program looks to assist high schools coming from specific regions of the world, including but not limited to countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Through our efforts, YMUN hopes to reduce the financial burden of selected international delegations, while encouraging delegates to hone their leadership efforts through coordinating independent fundraising efforts.

The application for Regional Scholarships can be found on our registration portal.

Financial Aid

Delegations attending YMUN are eligible to apply for financial aid. These applications will be reviewed and approved on the basis of demonstrated need. Delegations are eligible to apply for group financial aid in addition to any scholarships (Breaking Boundaries, Regional Scholarships) that we offer. 

Individual delegates wishing to attend YMUN are also eligible to apply for financial aid. The application will be reviewed and approved on the basis of demonstrated need. 

Both group and individual delegate financial aid applications can be found on our registration portal.

All applications for scholarships and financial aid are due no later than 11:59 PM EST on October 8, 2019. Applications shall be accepted on a rolling basis though, so please plan to apply as early as possible.