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Why the focus on mentorship, you ask? YMUN has always placed education at the center of our mission, but over our 46-year history, we have learned that education is best amplified when provided by key mentors. The word “mentorship” was chosen specifically because of its meaning. While “teaching” or “educating” implies the one way street that learning can be sometimes, mentorship showcases the ability to engage one-on-one or in small group settings with people that have relevant life experiences and advice to share. In this setting, there are no strict teachers and learners; every individual embodies both.

We want to bring the concept of mentorship to many beloved YMUN traditions - from direct conversations between Essay Contestants and editors of the Yale Review of International Studies to feedback sessions between Social Impact Challenge teams and the YMUN Secretariat (and more!) 

In the context of Model UN, students often remember a particular chair or individual that inspired their desire to grow as a delegate. We’d like to foster the budding environment that exists within committees to have an exchange of knowledge and wisdom, and the concept of mentorship does exactly that. While education can sometimes be perceived as a one-way experience, mentorship is an ongoing conversation. That conversation starts with you - YMUN XLVI’s delegates. We’re looking forward to an amazing conference, and we’re excited to see you there.