New Transportation Security Administration Established in the Wake of Sept. 11 Attacks

By Colin Norcross-Joyce

NEW YORK (UN Press Corps) - The past few hours have shocked the world and struck fear into the hearts of the American people in the wake of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. First responders are still on the site of the collapse, which has been designated as “ground zero”, rushing to find potential survivors.

“All airports in the United States have been closed at this time,” said Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer. Mr. Schafer went on to say that temporary housing shelters have been set up within and around the New York City area with water and food being provided. All possible clean up efforts are underway and the estimated time for the clearing of ground zero is about two weeks.

An official document obtained from Mr. Schafer stated all United States airspace, except over the city of New York, is being reopened immediately. However, if you are making plans to fly in the next few days, be aware of the implementation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an organization established to provide “increased security in airports through physical screenings.” This new agency will aim to employ more airport security individuals and increase the number of Air Marshals on airplanes. In addition, the TSA will work with the CIA to enforce the in depth screening of individuals placed on watch lists and no fly lists.

All efforts are being made to reopen the New York Stock Exchange in an appropriate and efficient manner. Perhaps the most striking piece from the document is that it “calls for the implementation of an inspection team so as to reveal the circumstantial evidence” of the terrorist attacks. However, it is unclear at this time what the Bush Administration will do in regards to retaliation and it appears that only investigations are being conducted.

Mr. Schafer did have a reassuring message for the American people: “We are doing our best in order to work quickly and efficiently in order to prevent further terrorist action and to protect the lives of American citizens.”